A Little About Us

I am an intuitive medium and channeler, certified life and holistic nutritional coach, and hypnotherapist. I have been reading and channeling professionally for six years, and my path to reading started 18 years ago.

Love Yourself Holistic Wellness came about from my own personal journey. 18 years ago, I had a life-changing experience, and it changed my life forever. I would love to say it was a happy experience, but no, it was not. But, as I have learned, sometimes dark times turn into light. At that time, my marriage was in shambles, I was not happy with myself, I was in the midst of a heavy depression and experiencing verbal and sexual harassment at work. My turning point was one that really scared me. One day I was at work, and all of a sudden, I could not speak, lift my arms, nor hands, and when I talked, nothing came out but slurring. I could think perfectly straight in my head, though at the time, I thought that I was having a mental breakdown, but later, I found out that they were all symptoms of a stroke. Whatever it was, that day, I decided that the only person that could make me happy was me, and the only person that could change my life was me. Thus began my spiritual path to self-love, transformation, and service. Hence, the light.

It is my hope to assist you on your journey to the answers that you seek by providing a safe, nurturing, loving environment in your readings, coaching sessions, and meditations.

Love Yourself Holistic Wellness is also about supporting the community and the world. Through this site, a portion of the profits will go directly to social causes, nonprofit organizations, and charities. My hope is to give back, serve, and assist. “Blessed Be”

Clients Love Love Yourself Holistic Wellness!

Ashley T.
Impressed Customer

If your looking for insight on your life and what it holds for you in the future or perhaps need direction, Kelly B/Love Yourself Holistic Wellness is the way to go. When Kelly opens the door to the spiritual side, its just amazing to see how the information just automatically flows out of her. She…

Danica C.

Kelly is an amazing intuitive. Her readings for me and my mom were so spot on and illuminating. It was really cool to see here get downloads, when information would just flow through her and shes able to be a conduit for the heavenly realms. It takes a person who has kicked their ego out…

Laura G.
Personal Astrologer - Client

Kelly has such a beautiful soul and really gives the impression of safety and that I can trust her. I have struggled in the past with people who are psychic because of the lack of consent to give advice or peer into my emotional and psychological realm, but Kelly asks for permission and then delivers…