Reading / Mediumship

Readings are a good way to assist a person in finding the answers that they seek.

In your readings, I connect with your angels, guides, ascended masters, ancestors, and loved ones for messages to come through.  I use a mixture of channeling, automatic writing, mediumship, and “Love Unconditionally” to bring about your messages.

Sessions – 30-60 Minutes

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Self Love Coaching

Self-love coaching is all about assisting you in learning to find your own answers from within.

Through coaching, you will learn to tune into and listen to your higher self, your inner guidance, being your own guru. It’s about finding yourself, loving yourself and becoming the person you were meant to be in this world and all the while finding love within to love yourself “Unconditionally”.

Sessions – 1 Hour
We offer packages of 3 sessions & 6 sessions but always tailored to the individual.

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Meditation is a healthy way of reducing stress and anxiety.

It helps one in promoting greater emotional health and enhanced Self-Awareness.  Through these guided meditations you will be able to relax, heal, and come to your answers from within. Topics are usually centered around self-love and can also be custom-tailored to each individual and their unique journey.

Sessions – 10 to 45 Minutes

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