Ashley T.
Impressed Customer

If your looking for insight on your life and what it holds for you in the future or perhaps need direction, Kelly B/Love Yourself Holistic Wellness is the way to go. When Kelly opens the door to the spiritual side, its just amazing to see how the information just automatically flows out of her. She is an amazing soul here on earth to help us with our day to day lives. She was able to answer the questions I had and provide direction. I recommend her to everyone who is looking for additional insight or direction in life.
Thank you for helping me.

Danica C.

Kelly is an amazing intuitive. Her readings for me and my mom were so spot on and illuminating. It was really cool to see here get downloads, when information would just flow through her and shes able to be a conduit for the heavenly realms. It takes a person who has kicked their ego out of the equation, to give truly great readings. And Kelly does just that.

Laura G.
Personal Astrologer - Client

Kelly has such a beautiful soul and really gives the impression of safety and that I can trust her. I have struggled in the past with people who are psychic because of the lack of consent to give advice or peer into my emotional and psychological realm, but Kelly asks for permission and then delivers the information from my higher guides and ancestors to me in a loving and kind way. I totally trust her and would recommend her to anyone if you’re struggling to find guidance. She is a medium in helping you connect back to yourself so that you can ultimately be your own guru.

Sharon C.

Kelly listens empathically and shares her intuitive gifts with light and integrity. She gives nothing less than an inordinate amount of heartfelt vitality during each reading, hypnotherapy, and coaching session. During Kelly’s channeling, be rest assured she channels with compassion and Divine energy; assisting in the healing of spirit, mind, and body. And she does so in a safe and loving environment. Kelly’s delivered messages have instilled hope, peace, and inspiration. I highly recommend connecting with Kelly as she will guide you on an amazing journey of self-discovery.

Will M.
Medium & Tarot Reading - Client

When I want to get a reading, Kelly Bangerter is usually my first choice. In addition to being one of the most talented channelers that I have ever seen, Kelly is fully invested in your situation and needs from the moment you sit down with her. This is something you notice right away with her. She is the “Real Deal” Perhaps even most importantly when sitting with Kelly, you can see right away that she walks her talk. Kelly is as committed to her own personal and spiritual development as she is towards others. As opposed to some “gurus” who preach from some arbitrary evidence, Kelly is a genuine mystic: approachable, spiritually woke, and someone genuinely capable of helping others find their own way along the path of life.

Jude H.
Death Douala - Client

Kelly has provided meditation and hypnotherapy sessions for me for over a year, and they have been effective in a number of ways. For one, they help relieve stress and worry. I set intentions, and actively work during the sessions, and then I feel the work continuing after the session is over—this allows me to get on with my day-to-day tasks, and not feel as anxious in general. They are a great tool for me, and help me to go with the flow of life, and stay open to all the amazing possibilities as they present themselves to me. Kelly is such a gift in my life.